Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Cool Things I've Done in Houston, Part Two

31. James Turrell Skyspace
32. Dynamo games
33. Astros games
34. Miller Outdoor Theater
35. Kemah Boardwalk
36. Lights in Hermann Park (hope it comes back!)
37. Greek Fest
38. International Festival
39. Mad Potter
40. MFA Iranian Film Festival
41. River Oaks Theater
42. Bayou Bend
43. Lawndale Art Center
44. Contemporary Craft Museum
45. Theater District Day
46. Museum District Day
47. 11th Street Park
48. Memorial Park
49. Houston Arboretum
50. Old Town Spring
51. Brazos Bend State Park
52. Chinatown
53. Forbidden Gardens
54. Movies the Store
55. Dickens on the Strand

Monday, October 20, 2008

The Houston List - A Work in Progress

My husband and I started a list tonight of things we still want to do in Houston. We've done so many cool things already, but so much left to do! If you have any suggestions for obscure/eccentric activities, please comment!

* The Orange Show
* Museum of Printing History
* Aeros Game
* Comets Game
* Buffalo Soldiers Museum
* Beer Can House
* Mad Potter (I've been there, he hasn't)
* Wine2Wine (make your own wine place... probably a racket but sounds fun)
* Domy Bookstore (never actually been inside)
* Farmer's market
* Bayou City Art Festival
* Italian, Chinese, and other cultural festivals (only been to Greek Fest and I-Fest)
* Attend a service at Beth Shalom (Messianic Jewish) and the Greek Orthodox church
* Ride paddle boats at Hermann Park
* Ice skate at Discovery Green (no one has done this yet!)
* Canoe down the bayou
* HMNS observatory