Wednesday, May 17, 2006

For Fletch

Profound notions
Obscure my connection
To what is real.

Bracing myself for pain,
I devote my psyche
To works of reason.

Feel, as if there is
No other choice.

Living, dying
We press on.

I am the one not in control
Of the fate of the world;

I lift up my hands
In surrender,
And resolve to particpate
Freely in the human struggle.

Touch my lips,
And I will speak.


zarasthrsa said...


Those are lovely lovely words. But I have one question to ask and please forgive it(and the fact that I am smiling) because it does seem a tad trite, but "What about the role of class?"

I also greatly enjoyed your seminar paper and having you in class this semester.


LK said...

and what about the role of gender? :)

great having you in class as well.