Monday, October 09, 2006


Don't try to make yourself new
Without me.
Taking inventory of what
You are not
Can be hell and I'm here to
Fight for you.
All the reasons you're alive
Make you
Ready for things you can't
See or feel.
Displace your guilt and don't
Pass generosity
When it bows down to
Emrace you.
You can articulate your identity
And be firm
In who you are and we know
Who you are
When you try to undo it.
So rest
And be strong to fly,
To be.


APN said...

Thank you for this.

Your presence in my life is one that I have cherished & treasured for many years. We've crawled, limped, & walked on each other's paths for quite awhile and it's been so great to journey with you.

Might that I learn, over and over again, to rest, to live in my strength, to gain strength from others, and to just be.

Peace to you my sister.


LK said...

Always, my friend.