Monday, September 12, 2005

Living, She Grows

Living, she grows, anticipating the silence
Of a life walked out in the shadows, a life
Vivid, yet unrefined; redeemed, yet undercounted.
Still the silence is unwavering, forgiving,
Owing its treasure to the strength of its influence,
The influence of a life well-lived.
While counting the dreams, she wrestles with the
Undercurrent, wrestles with the questions
Of how best to work out salvation, how best to enjoy
The sunlight, how best to live. The decisions of
Today seem so far beyond yesterday, so far, beyond
Even the reaches of her own soul and intellect. Yet
There is relief, there is strength in that shadow if
That shadow is Your wings. Living, she grows, moved
To underscore a greater Name that bears the answers
To all the moments that leave us silent, leave us here.

(Copyright LAK, 10/14/04)