Sunday, October 16, 2005

Filling Shoes

Some people try to fill the shoes of others; I’m just trying to fill my own. The great people never talk about burn out, or their failure or their doubts. Someone needs to say that it’s ok to become something you didn’t intend to be, or remind us that we have less control over everything than we think. I have walked many miles for the sake of moving forward, but I have also tripped and fallen and laid still for fear that I might disappoint. Few people would disown me if I decided to be less than great, but I would always wonder if I’m selling short of what I can be. I do everything on a large scale, unable to comprehend what life might be like if it was lived only for a few people and not for the world. I have such grandiose ideals and sometimes the world is just too hard to save. Teach me to do more than rely on my personal political. I am just one person, interconnected with all people and hoping for greatness even in the small things. Even there You will guide me and hold me fast.


Ruth said...

Who made those shoes of yours you're trying to fit? You or Jesus? The only thing that would make me wonder if you're selling yourself short if you live to always be striving, rather than living to live. You, my friend, are treasured, gifted, lovely, and whole. You CAN'T be less than great if you live into these qualities. These things exist apart from accomplishment. You are loved for you. That's enough on its own.

LK said...

thanks, ruth.