Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Vita Sanctus

Since a lot of you have asked to see this I thought I'd post digital prints of the art exhibit. Now I hope you can also make it to Vine Street, but for those of you who don't live nearby here's our piece:

This is the statement that goes with it:

“From the womb to very old age, the sacredness of a woman's life is a vital part of 21st century feminism. These photographs tell the stories of remarkable women of varying races in different stages of their lives. Each woman—adopted children, mothers, and the unborn—hold stories and mysteries in their faces, skin, and scars.

The intentional markings on the women's bodies are derived from an ancient symbol representing the Creator reaching down toward humankind, and inresponse, humankind reaching up towards the Creator. The sideways markings represent the equality of humankind, and our need to love and be loved by reaching out to one another. Finally, the circle represents the completeness of life in all of its stages.”

1 comment:

APN said...


I guess this would be a premier example of literary irony -- a collection of images and words concerning the beauty & transcendence of the female form perverted and exploited by those who would seek to make a profit (potentially) off a woman's desire to express herself.

Or maybe it's tragedy -- beauty marred by ugliness.

BTW, my friend, I love your work here, esp your passion concerning this exhibit of yours. I look forward to celebrating this occasion with you.