Saturday, November 05, 2005


Remembering that I am just one person,
I hold onto the light
That I cannot control.
I am complex,
Full of double entendres and
Multiple meanings.
Trying to redeem myself
And unequivocally failing,
Trying to unearth my joy
And generally falling short.
Hoping to see
That this is not the end
I lean on the hope
That I am more.
Find the music
Deep within,
Discover the story
Hidden underneath
These years of a broken girl
Yearning to breathe free
In light of all I have endured.

(copyright LAK, 11/04/05)


APN said...

Beautiful. Light can be so empowering, yet so blinding at the same time. Look at St. Paul -- the light that shone down upon him both freed him, yet handicapped him for a necessary period of time. Struggles to find and live in the light....

Ruth said...

That music, that story deep within you is one of victory. I think we are set free when we claim with confidence that we are already freed. I've discovered that my mind is what traps me, not my circumstances.
You ARE more, and you are enough already!
This is an absolutely beautiful, vulnerable poem. Thank you so much for sharing it.

LK said...

It's hard to be weak, and even harder to explore the parts of ourselves that are strong. For intrinsically motivated people like myself, the times when that inner pool of strength seems dry require the most faith.

Tmproff said...

Let it dry up....That is when God makes the earth tremble.