Monday, November 21, 2005

Inesperado (Unexpected)

My foster brother just finished a Spanish cd and last week he had a release concert for it. He lived with my family for 8 years and I still consider him my brother. But we don't talk much, don't really have much of a relationship to be honest. I see him on holidays and a few other times a year. But he was really excited for me and my sister to come to his show, and we were excited and proud to be there. I always wonder if he thinks about us, if he cares about us or realize what we tried to do and be for him. I don't mean that in a selfish way, but it's hard not to wonder.

After the show he gave us each a cd. I came home and listened to it (it's amazing... quite a long way from when his only song on guitar was the star spangled banner, hendrix style). And I read the thank yous in the liner notes... on the third line, in black and white, I read "to my sisters, thanks for never giving up on me."

I haven't, and I won't, and I'm glad he knows it, and I'm glad I know he feels it.


Tmproff said...

I think we should all follow his example. Thanking our friends/family for their love and care is so important.

I know in my own life....even a small thanks or smile is worth so much more than the effort I put forth.

LK said...

I think you're right... I gave a friend a very small compliment the other day about how well he was doing in his job, and he was overwhelmingly grateful. We don't realize how far a small expression can carry.