Thursday, August 11, 2005

Break and Stir

The sky breaks and bleeds and cracks
And I’m Yours.
Feeling remotely
Out of touch,
Grasping at straws
And leaving out the others.
I am more than affliction,
Suffer more from
Than from
I am alone for no good reason
Incapable of taking back
My own faults,
Discussing them for worth
Unhinging them for indecision,
Riding on the waves
Of my own island
Recovering the uncontrollable
And thrashing about
When I need to.
Still my heart
Stir it up
Make me lonely
So I crave You
Your body.
Breaking so many cycles
To be whole.
Picking up the beautiful mess
Coping with it,
In the endless skies
That bring me hope,
Cracking and breaking and bursting open
With good things.

1 comment:

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