Saturday, August 13, 2005

Something New

Desperate times call me to be desperate; desperate enough to want You, to want change, to want joy. I'm such an island sometimes, floating not so freely in a sea of confusing waters. I just know I want to be new. I want to be so new that I recognize more of You, and I decreasing in rapid secession to increase You. I am strong and ready to be strong, to break free and to understand the broader purpose for the story in which I play a part.

My hope comes from You. Streaming down in the sunlight and dancing on the hills You pour out hope on those who fear You. I'm the redemptive song, even when I don't feel like I have the strength to work out anything with fear and trembling. You consume all the parts of me that I hate, You embrace my darkest parts and shine Your light so brightly that I cannot look away.

Joy will find me even still, hiding in the corner and afraid of the cold, I will rise and overcome because You overcome.

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Ruth said...

This is very honest. I like it.