Tuesday, August 02, 2005


Here's a new poem to start it all off...


I think I will fly.
Standardizing Your calling
Will not bring me fulfillment,
But I will trust You
To bring me hope.
Four corners of the world
And I will go,
If only on the wings of others.
I’m too stubborn to sit here,
Too hungry to leave,
Desperate to be Martha
Because she accomplishes something.
Remembering those promises
You gave me to memorize,
To burn into my heart
For every season.
I’m the battle,
Part of the problem,
Part of the solution,
Scrambling to believe
That You mean what You say.
I keep holding to the ideas,
Holding to Your coattails
But not to You.
Trying to ride the wings
Of the dark,
Not the dawn.
I know these words
That accomplish nothing,
These songs
That bring me closer.
So I’ll cling to You
To know You
Or just to be near You,
Flying on Your wings
In the midnight sky
Where I hear Your voice
And follow.

(LAK, August 1, 2005)


Crystal said...

You are such a good writer!
I look forward to reading your musings!!

Ruth said...

Beautiful. I really like this poem, Lauran. It's so honestly self-aware and humble.