Tuesday, August 23, 2005

System of an Upstart

Meddling in the confusion of all we do not understand, trying to break the system or enforce it, we press on knowing that life is worth more than ourselves. La lucha finds its home in me as I beat against the current, trying not to be swept up into it and lose myself. Centering myself on the better way, where the best idea is to be lost entirely in One who is greater. Bringing myself to try, to move one day and linger the next. Why not allow all those connected with fear to open wide their hearts to mediocre miracles, the kind that get us through the day and allow us to reach for what is good and pure and worthy. Following the truth, panting for the light. Where rules and interconnected roadblocks meet circumvention and perseverance, and means justify ends. Finding it so impossible that I have to surrender, not to the system or to myself but to You. Losing myself for You and in You. Running with weariness this race marked out for me, and I will live abundantly.

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